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What We Do

Established in 2013, YourDNA Creative Arts is a community based arts organisation committed to developing the lives of people of all abilities through arts based programs including drama, TV, film, animation, musical theatre (song and dance), creative writing (literacy), instrumental music, photography, painting and drawing.

YourDNA Creative Arts specializes in making these programs accessible to people of all ages who are considered to have physical and intellectual disabilities. Furthermore, it is a goal of YourDNA Creative Arts to not only provide accessibility to the arts but to provide its students with the skills to go on and find meaningful employment within the arts industry within the students chosen specialisations.

Our Philosophy

People are amazing. Everybody is creative. At YourDNA Creative Arts we begin with the interests of the students. We then build up skills and knowledge to be able to follow through these ideas. YourDNA Creative Arts considers other’s needs and responses create performance and improve self-esteem and life skills through the arts.

Everybody wants to make, explore and share in a supportive, safe and caring environment with others who share ideas and help us. We can all thrive and can achieve amazing things. We all learn at school, but we also learn for the rest of our lives through exploration, experience and interaction with others. This is how YourDNA Creative Arts works.

We all have an inner drive to think, to create, discover new things and to affect others and to have others affect us. YourDNA Creative Arts aims to help young people and people with disabilities to continue life’s journey with a sense of humour, confidence in their ideas, a sense of belonging and trust in their own capabilities to try new things. We build step by step and then provide opportunities for people to shine and share what they can do. We welcome the feedback of our participants and tailor activities to suit the students.


End of Year Performances

  • 10th November YourDNA Creative Arts – Afternoon of Champions
  • 23rd November Karralyka Theatre – After School Program performance
  • 24th November Karralyka Theatre – Song and Dance performance
  • 29th November Karralyka Theatre – Tuesday & Thursday Drama performance showing
  • 30th November Karralyka Theatre – Monday and Wednesday Drama performance
  • 1st December Village Cinema Knox – Animation, Film, TV performance