YourDNA Creative Arts


YourDNA Creative Arts empowers people to impact society in which they live, by unlocking their imaginations. When imaginations are inspired so to us the world.


At YourDNA Creative Arts we assist people to find ways to tell their story, their way. Through their chosen artistic medium. YourDNA Creative Arts focuses on development of daily living and independent life skills to change peoples lives. YourDNA Creative Arts is committed to developing the lives of people through arts based programs.

What We Do

Established in 2013, YourDNA Creative Arts is a community based arts organisation committed to developing the lives of people of all abilities through arts based programs including drama, TV, film, animation, musical theatre (song and dance), creative writing (literacy), instrumental music, photography, painting and drawing.

YourDNA Creative Arts specialises in making these programs accessible to people of all ages who are considered to have physical and intellectual disabilities. Furthermore, it is a goal of YourDNA Creative Arts to not only provide accessibility to the arts but to provide its students with the skills to go on and find meaningful employment within the arts industry within the students chosen specialisations.

Our Philosophy

People are amazing. Everybody has a story to tell. At YourDNA Creative Arts we assist our students in finding ways to tell their story, their way through their chosen artistic medium. During this process our students gain important life skills through the arts. All of our programs focus on the development of the students chosen content. All of our programs have public, performative outcomes which serve to not only validate the students work but also to inform and enlighten the community.

Students intending on participating in our programs do not need to have any pre-requisite skills, all we ask for is a passion in the art form(s) that they choose. From this our dedicated, passionate and highly-skilled staff, who are artists themselves, begin to work on allowing the students to tell their story, their way at YourDNA Creative Arts.