Program Payment

The bulk of the payment for programs at YourDNA Creative Arts is provided by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

This is the money a student  receives from the Federal government to help the student achieve their life goals. These goals

are established during the students NDIS planning meeting. A person from the NDIA or a Case Manager from another service

will assist in the creation of each students plan in conjunction with family and the students support network. The role of all

programs at YourDNA Creative Arts is to assist students in achieving their goals listed in their plan. During the students

planning meeting with a representative from the NDIA or your Case Manager you will need to explain the goals that you

have and how programs at YourDNA Creative Arts are designed to achieve some of the students goals listed in their plan.


The programs at YourDNA Creative Arts are categorised as the following support item:

Group based community, social and recreational activities in a group

The parents/support network will need to inform your NDIA representative/Case Manager and YourDNA Creative

Arts of the “support intensity” involved in the students plan. This refers to the level of support that the student

participating in our programs requires. Support intensity is graded into one of three levels:

1. Standard Support

2. Higher Support

3. Individual Support (1:1)

After an initial meeting, YourDNA Creative Arts can tailor a list of Support Items and Descriptions that best reflect

our programs and how they can fit into the students overall NDIS plan.

In the event that a student is not covered by the NDIS YourDNA Creative Arts charges a “fee for service

arrangement”. This means that the cost of our programs is charged directly to the student and not the NDIA.


Program Resource & Additional Fees

The resource fee for each program in 2018 is $90 per term. These resource fees go towards materials,

equipment, software licensing, props, in-program transport costs and venue hire for end of year presentations

etc. The program resource fee is invoiced at the beginning of each term and is not covered by the NDIS. Other

additional fees related to our programs are:



PROGRAM Individual Program Cost Frequency
Animal Lovers $85 Zoos Victoria Membership Annually
Healthy Me $180 Personal Training Fee ($15/Month) Annually
Art Attack $90 Pottery Unit Fee Annually
Make, Bake Decorate $80 Food Handling Certificate Annually
Drama $30 Costume Levy Annually
Creative Writing $100 Publishing Fee Annually
Tech Aspects $50 Tech Pack Annually



Our main site is located at 38 Charter Street Ringwood. We are a 10-minute walk from the Ringwood Train

station and Eastland Shopping Centre. YourDNA Creative Arts can provide limited transport to and from our

service. It is advisable that if a transport service is required it is a part of your National Disability Insurance

Scheme (NDIS) plan. Please note that the NDIS may not cover the complete cost of this service due to the

individualized nature of the plans. Please contact us should you require assistance with transportation to and

from our site. Our transport fees are as follows:

Transportation to/from YourDNA Creative Arts (One Way Trip within 5km) $7.50 per one way trip per day and

$15.00 per return trip per day.

Transportation to/from YourDNA Creative Arts (One Way Trip within 10km) $12.50 per one way trip per day and

$25.00 per return trip per day.

We currently run programs out of the following venues: Eastern Volunteers (New Street, Ringwood), Keystone

Hall (Croydon) EV’s (Croydon) and East Ringwood Community Hall (Knaith Road, East Ringwood). All sites are

within walking distance to shops to buy lunches and public transport. Some students may travel independently

while others may meet at 38 Charter Street and are transported to the site by YourDNA.