Animal Lovers

The YourDNA Creative Arts Animal Lovers program provides students with a passion for creatures great and small to share their common interests in a social and educational environment.

Animal Lovers Principles – Training, Creating, Rehearsing & Performing

Be a Superhero!
Join the fight to save endangered species from extinction by generating awareness about their plight

Experience Living Things
There are regular visits around Victoria to experience a wide variety of different animals

You Can Create
Use a wide variety of art forms to express your love for your favourite animals

Course Content and Structure

Throughout the year, the class will go on regular excursions to visit locations such as: the Melbourne Zoo, Healesville Sanctuary, Sea life Melbourne and the RSPCA to learn about animals from Australia and around the world.

The program will focus on expanding their knowledge about animals and building awareness of animal welfare.  As well as developing our skills in researching and raising awareness, students will also express their interest in animals creatively, through projects such as film making, painting, paper mache’ and drawing.  Animal Lovers will develop fundraisers to raise money for local animal shelters in need or protection organisations of their choice.


  • Articulating our love for all animals great and small through different projects
  • Researching different animals, their respective habitats and where they are located within our world
  • Exploring the relationship between different animals and cultures that they influence
  • Understanding all of the different levels of responsibility when owning a pet – We have hermit crabs!
  • Taking leadership of the protection of endangered species by joining with different animal advocacy and awareness groups
  • Appreciating the importance of animals in the lives of people