Art Attack

In Art Attack the focus is on embracing creativity, self-expression, experimentation and learning while getting messy!  Our program uses and explores a range of art mediums including painting, drawing, sculpting, photography, collage, clay modelling, ice dying, recycled art, egg blowing and straw painting.

Art Attack Principles – Expression, Individuality, Exploration and Exhibition

You can develop new skills
Painting, ceramics, sculpture, recycled art, sensory art, printmaking, stencilling, and much more!

You can express yourself
For students to creatively express their individuality through Art

You can create
Generate a unique body of work, which communicates what is important to you and your world

Your ideas can be seen
Exhibit work in an exhibition

Course Content and Structure

Students develop their own individual visual folios that document their artistic journey throughout the year. The student’s ideas and interests drive the creative exploration of the program.  The work that the students produce either individually or collaboratively over the year will be showcased at our annual exhibition.


  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Sculpting
  • Photography
  • Paper mache’
  • Collage
  • Clay modelling
  • Ice dying
  • Recycled art
  • Egg Blowing
  • Straw Painting
  • Ceramic designs and Painting
  • Clay Work – coil pots, sculpting, painting and firing