A movie made frame by frame

Who doesn’t love animation? A cartoon to movies to video games, animation is definitely part of our lives. How does it work? Come and find out in our animation classes for beginners.

The experience of working on your own ideas and learning the skills to make it happen builds confidence and personal relationships as well as problem solving, communication and cooperation skills. It is a lot of fun too. The Animation program consists of a year-long creative process that culminates in an end-of-year presentation.

Animation Principles – Training, Creating, Rehearsing & Performing

Learn new skills
Learn how various types of animation work and are put together.

Have a go
Imagine, invent and create your own animations.

You can learn new skills
We build the understanding and the skills step by step so you can feel comfortable about learning.

Practice animation techniques
You can learn about how movement and sound affects the final product.

Animate your characters and ideas
Work with others to bring an animation to life on the screen.

Film Release
Animations will be presented at the end of the year and also uploaded to our website, Facebook and YouTube.


Course Content and Structure

The animation program provides all the skills required to plan, create, film, edit and produce a short animation. Students begin by focusing on stop motion animation and will move onto other animation techniques. Students are encouraged to create their own characters and stories within this program.


  • Animation techniques
  • Stop motion
  • Camera operation
  • Lighting and sound
  • Editing
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Communication and skills for life