Express Yourself Without Any Words

New in 2017, our photography program merges the best of our film and art attack programs. The year begins by looking at the different styles and types of photography and quickly moves “out into the field” where different genres of photography are explored.

Like all of our programs the practical skills embedded in photography are matched with the individual interests and passions of the students to create an end of year exhibition.

Photography Principles – Training, Creating, Rehearsing & Performing

Show people what you love
Use photography to convey to the world what you are interested in

Work the equipment yourselves
We make photography accessible. You don’t need to be an expert, you just need to love taking pictures

Our photography program works alongside many of our other programs to express the views, feelings, interests and passions of our amazing students

Our photography program, like all of our programs, has an end of year exhibit to showcase the development of our students’ skills and ideas

Course Content and Structure

The CameraSimple explanation of how a camera works and the main parts of a camera. Knowing the functions of the camera and what is happening when you press the shutter helps to make better pictures.

Camera Exposure and Settings – Learn how the camera lens aperture, the camera shutter, and the ISO setting work together to help get properly exposed pictures.  Learn basic photography skills and gain an understanding in how to use natural light.


  • Camera literacy – types of cameras and how to use them
  • Photographic topics – What inspires us to take photos? People, places, objects
  • Light
  • Focus
  • Field of view (short, long, zoom)