Our music program has two components. The morning consists of song writing and movement to music based skills. These skills are complimented in the afternoon by an exploration of instrumental music. Specialist music and dance teachers assist students in learning new ways of moving and using their voices.

Music Principles – Training, Creating, Rehearsing & Performing

You can make your own beat
Learn about rhythm and percussion, learn how to play African drums and get in the groove

The best of both worlds
Learn about musical theatre and try out different instruments all in the same program

Create Together
Combine individual beats to create truly unique compositions.

Course Content and Structure

Our Music program focuses on all things musical! In the morning session specialist singing and dance teachers assist students in learning new ways of moving their bodies and using their voices and in the afternoon students are taught by an specialist instrumental music teacher to explore the world of percussion and other instruments. Our Music program is all about enhancing and expanding the performance skills of each student. We encourage students to explore music they like to perform as well as exposing them to as many different genres of music and dance as possible.

In the first term the morning session focus unit is Musical Styles. Students explore Jazz, Ballroom, Classical, Pop & Musical Theatre (to name a few!). In the second term the focus moves to Scripting for our end of year performance. Students are guided through the process of creating an entire show, group numbers are explored, along with solo numbers, stage craft and the development of a script. Our third term focuses on Rehearsing as students prepare their solo and group performances and finalise the script. Our final term is all about Performing; here the performances, lyrics and choreography are polished and theatre and performance etiquette is also discussed to prepare for our big performance at the Karralyka Theatre!

In the afternoon the students are exposed to various styles of drumming and other percussion instruments such as maracas, tone blocks and whistles as well as exploring other musical instruments such as xylophones, chime bars, keyboards and many more! Students work with the teachers to create their very own instrumental music numbers to perform in our concert!


  • Song, dance and performance
  • Musical Theatre and stage production
  • Percussion and instrumental music
  • Improvisation and music creation
  • Body awareness and rhythm
  • Musical performance
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Communication and skills for life